W mil Nagpal(Panchkul)

Good Service

Prabhjot Singh Gill (Punjab )

Like the guys Attitude towards customers

Simab Akhtar (Chanderpora Thoakhand)

Well condition Bikes , Warm Staff,Got the bikes on Time ,Various quarries answered

Siddharth Sueram (kodisehalli)

Good maintained Bikes

Rishab V Katrela (Bangalore)

Awesome bikes ! New ones . Great Support / Procedure .It is the best way to explore Kashmir. Will Highly Recommend .

Puneet Dammani (Mumbai)

It was a very wonderful experience , It was my first trip on bike and enjoyed a lot.

Shrikrishna Yacluwanshi (Madhya Pradesh)

That was a great journey .I felt happy and was driving safely .Thanks to Kashmir Bikers for being the part of journey.

Sumit Saini (Delhi)

The overall experience was very good, Nicely collaborated and organized were the services .bikes were in good condition and performed nicely.

Ahmad Suhaib Khan (Aligarh)

Good Experience , Even on busy day of EID we got bikes with SMILE & full guidance . Love to have planned trip with them next summer.

Mohit Bagdia (Indore M.P)

The trip was great , as the bikes were nice. Difficult road of Zojila was passed quite easily . A few technical issues caused a bit inconvenience ,But the overall trip was awesome.

Swapnir Samvatsar (Gurgaon)

Basharat Bhai is very co-operative .But few suggestions – bikes should be presentable ,there were dents on our bike though the engine was good. Proper Rider Helmet Should be given.

Sumit Purkayastha (Delhi)

Basharat Bhai is very co-operative .But few suggestions – bikes should be presentable ,there were dents on our bike though the engine was good. Proper Rider Helmet Should be given .(same as Sumit my friend )

Atanu Deb (Noida .U.P)

Nice person and amazing trip.

Vijayan R (Chandigarh)

Roads where tough but we did it so well.

C.Venkalegh (Nehrugunj)

Love to travel , Kashmir Is just beautiful.

Vishnu V (Bangalore)

They are friendly in nature and always give a helping hand when needed. Bikes make the riding experience enjoyable and memorable . I would love to visit again and ride Kashmir.

Muthu .N (Chennai)

Nice view in Ladakh.

Dr Gandeeva Ramesh (Mudigore)

It’s Royal Enfield and Ride too Royal .Thanks to Kashmir Bikers to having such a beautiful Machine.

Irshad Ashraf (Kerala)

Love the serenity.

Akhlaq Ahmad Khan (New Delhi)

Bikes where good but petrol cans punched on the way which was quite funny lol .

Vivek Dutta (Guwahati)

Good Service for Bikers . Please provide electric tape with the tool too.

Asutosh Dash (Bangalore)

Bikes are Good and the Owner of Kashmir Bikers ( Basharat ) Is very nice and helpful . Wonderful Experience .

Harsh Maheshwari ( Ludhiane )

The trip was awesome

Masroor Hussain Mir ( Srinagar))

Awesome Experience with KASHMIR BIKERS ,Bike was in perfect condition and we had a great trip . Highly recommended for bikers traveling on NH1 (Srinagar-Leh Highway)

Vivek Gupta (Maharashtra)

My trip was awesome, obviously bikes has played major role .I was worried if something happened to bike, thank god and your bikes (KASHMIR BIKERS), that all went well. It was good overall. Breaks were loose, had to give effort.

Avinash Pandey (Bangalore)

1. Good quality bikes , nicely maintained.
2. Bikes worked great, no issues faced.
3. Must try once.

Anrit Garg (Meerut )

First bike trip ever and it was a awesome Experience , and much of the credit goes to KASHMIR BIKERS due to bikes being in good condition and good customer relationship .Thank You

Sumil S Shinde (Nagarbhavi)

Awesome Experience! Thanks for your support in arranging everything for our awesome experience. IN SHA ALLAH will go on a bike trip again soon.

Aziz ul Khan (Bangalore)

My feedback about the Bike is just “awesome “ , no issues with the bikes at all for 10 days , not even a single problem with the bike. My suggestion is to rent the bullet from KASHMIR BIKERS only. You ROCK Kashmir bikers, thanks for the bikes.

Ankit Sharma (Jammu)

Good communication and good service.

R.Vignesh (Alagapuram)

It is awesome Experience. It was dream come true. Basharat and guys are loyal people, they guide us very well. I will again book my bike for Leh Manali Route.

Rahul Shah (Mumbai)

Very co-operate and friendly in nature.
Good guidance.
Provides bikes in good condition.
The very plus point is that we can call any hour and the are helpful.

Dholakia Nitin ( Mumbai )

Wonderful Bike! Gave a good support at Zojila . I am grateful to KASHMIR BIKERS. Just awesome trip.

Amit A Raja (Mumbai)

Interaction with Basharat was good, and he managed to help us in tough situations. But one of the bike got bad and gave us a hit of 7 working hours and I should also say other bike was in Good condition.

Binu Dillai (Allappey)

Interaction with KASHMIR BIKERS was good.

Rohit Vadehra (Delhi)

KASHMIR BIKERS are really nice, as far as the rental rates are very genuine. The owner is very nice, and the main thing is that the bikes are really reliable and had no issues anytime. Best of luck KASHMIR BIKERS

Pulkit Jain (jannagar Guj)

One of the best biking Experience in Kashmir Valley. The bikes are really good and well maintained. The determination and helping attitude of the management is an addition.

Joshi Karan Kirit (Jannagar Guj)

Thanks to KASHMIR BIKERS out trip was well organized. Bikes in best possible condition and nothing happened with the bike in our entire journey from Kashmir to Leh.

Saurav Kumar Sinha (Bangalore)

Bikes condition is very good.
Interaction is good.
Very good Experience.

Phani Kiran Maddukuri (Arunachal Pradesh)

My experience with KASHMIR BIKERS was very smooth right from contacting them for bikes to finally dropping it. Mr. Basharat looks a friendly guy and thus the overall thing went easy.

Varun Sargwan (Kalidas Road)

BASHARAT!! A nice, humble and a mature person to deal with and I totally recommend others to enjoy your vacations with them.

Tushar Choudhary (Delhi)

BASHARAT, nice person to deal with, honest, straight forward .Few good words for him.As far as the bikes are ,very well maintained .

Arjun Kishore (Delhi)

It was indeed a pleasure, Ridding bikes was a pleasure and the weather was also in our favor.

Devashish Bhambri (Delhi)

I had very Good experience with KASHMIR BIKERS, the condition was fairly good and I love the Ride .The owner (Mr Basharat) is very pleasant to talk and very honest. I recommend KASHMIR BIKERS to all who want a fair bike deal to travel to Leh from Srinagar.

Willson Palkuri (GauthamNagar,Malkajgiri)

Exceptional customer service .Bike was in great condition. Kashmir is best enjoyed on bike, so when you come here, just get in touch with KASHMIR BIKERS-They are awesome.

Mohammad Danish (Delhi))

Efforts put by the owner Mr Basharat was really appreciable but due to some technical issue the bike we rented was in a bad condition .The carburetor was chocked and the accelerator wire also got damaged.

Rashav Ahuja (Delhi)

A perfect experience one could have with such an association. we never expected it would be such smooth trip.But KASHMIR BIKERS made it memorable and fantastic ,Loved it !will be back soon.

Rahul Nath (Dehradun)

Please check the bike condition before renting, breaking were poor and overall uphill ride was below average. Rest, Mr. Basharat co-operation is appreciated.

Harsh Rajvanshi (Uttar Pradesh)

The experience was great, petrol cans were puncher but the bike was in a good condition. RECOMMENDED!

Vinam Gupta (Delhi)

Exquisite service, unforgettable hospitality.

Mohammad Falah (Kerala)

You were very friendly, we had a good feel right from the beginning. The only negatives are about the bike pickup and breaking throughout the trip.

Senthil Kumar (Madurai)

It’s not the business side, but they show genuine concern for your safety and well-being.

Harith Das K.M (Kuthuparamba)br>

Had an unforgettable bike ridding experience with KASHMIR BIKERS. Brand new bikes, Enjoyed to the fullest.

Ojasvi Wadhwa (Karnal)

+service, +Self-sufficient accessories, +no major engine issues, +reasonable mileage. -Break should be serviced, with pillion not possible. -gear issues also.

Sangeeth Kumar (Madhapur)

The trip was awesome,Bikes were in perfect condition, trip of a life time.

Mohit Bishnoi ( Haryana)

New model bikes can be rented in good conditions . we got old models but had some defects (in my opinion )other than this , you people are really awesome ,good care of your customers  We will surly comeback.

Fayaz (Bangalore)

* Excellent Service.
* Good Guidance.
* Nice Welcome.

Vijay Kumar Mistry (Mumbai)

First time a long trip and it was worth it. Bikes were supportive throughout my trip . Didn’t trouble at all. Few minor issues but those are part of journey .Trip without Kashmir Bikers was not possible.

Sumit Thakur (Haryana)

The experience was awesome. I don’t know which deserve more credit bike or by passing landscapes. I would suggest to go for the oldest model to have the “bestest “biking experience.-gear issues also.

Anurag Panwar (Gurgaon)

It was good. In the middle we felt a little bit bad due to more unfortunate brake damage .But, the behavior was very nice. Bike was ok, would have been better ,We were two people and it was not taking load ,apart from that is was good.

Neeraj Toshniwal (Bangalore)

Great experience.

Sachin Verma (Jammu)

It was pleasure having the bike and beautiful experience, Thanks for the support.

Thejas Mysore (Mysore)

Great Experience, Bullet in particular.

Rahul Sharma (Kishtwar)

Expectation from a 2010 twin-spark Enfield wasn’t too high. But the performance of the bike, dealing of KASHMIR BIKERS, All went fantabulously beyond expectations.

Vatsal Kishore (Dehradun)

KASHMIR BIKERS gave us a chance to touch the flawless beauty of Kashmir ourselves. We rode to the beautiful valleys on rivers of Kashmir. It was amazing! Thank you ! You are great by heart keep going .Hope to ride again.

Shahil Hameed –E (Uttar Pradesh)

“KASHMIR BIKERS” One first experience with local of Kashmir. I would say one DAD of Hospitality, They were not just Renting Bikes, they were giving a whole idea about how and what Kashmir is you people were good. And hopefully you keep the sprit in long run and mat Allah bless you to expand your business and the heart of Kashmir. Stay blessed.

Naveed .V.V (Calicut)

Traveling with Kashmir Bikers is “AWESOME”.

Mohd Tlifzur Rahmanr

It was an awesome trip, Thank you Kashmir Bikers. It would not be possible without you..

Sourab Sharma

Excellent Bikes , Beautiful Kashmir & Ladakh, very helpful people all around. Amazing trip as we covered 1600km on Royal Enfield (RE) and the ride at Khardungla & Changla.Thanks a ton Kashmir Bikers.

Swhant Padhye

Awesome bikes & very helpful and friendly service. Will recommend Kashmir Bikers to all . The trip was awesome and Kashmir Bikers provided great support on the phone as well. “TOP CLASS”

Saket Barve

I like the behaviour of the person as he is very helpful, Bike condition was excellent. I would like to come again.

Umaid Mohindeen

I would always prefer new model bullet as i was not familiar with the Right side gear bikes. Guy was helpful .

Ashwini Kumar

Old bullet is a trouble if you don’t know how to ride it, otherwise its magical.

Sandeep Parihar

I had never imagined of ridding for far on bullet. One of the best movements of my life , would love to come again .

Preetham Purushotham

Zojila tested my soul and i was on the urge to give up but finally got around that mountain , the serenity was awesome .

Sanket Kumar

Was an un forgettable journey for me , we had to come back srinagar to change the CLUTCH PLATES and thought dropping the plan , had it been so i would have regretted my entire life . Even mountains welcome you with their lovely appearance. JUST LOVE KASHMIR !

Mutahar Bhat

That was one awesome trip i had, Bike added a thrilling adventure in the trip.

Akash Gangwal

Kashmir Bikers provide the Good condition Bikes, tourists may get the information on the website also or even rang them anytime what to my experience is good with Kashmir Bikers.

Aditya Singh

Bikes were in good condition. The view from Srinagar to Leh was awesome. Really want to come again. One should ask for Hotels too so that we will not waste our time in finding accomdation. The over all trip was very awesome.

Ankur Tiwari

We will like to try another bullet next time  . It was nice meeting with Kashmir Bikers and for sure next time we will contact Kashmir Bikers only. Thanks

Hitesh shahi

Affordable and good bikes , Good service. The best part of Kashmir Bikers is the price which fits into the budget.

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